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Our firm works with individuals, corporations, shipping companies and universities in selling and acquiring, transferring and evaluating vessels in all parts of the world.

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Hi! I’m the Chief Librarian for the Maritime Law Center.  We have many fee articles about maritime issues in our Library.  Just click on the article that interests you.

 The following articles are used with permission from the Commercial Ship Bulletin and Report.

A.I.S. - Automated Identification System Requirements
Arrests of Vessel - Maritime Practices & Procedures
Building for the Cruise Industry
Buyer’s Inspection
Chartering as a Financing Alternative
Choosing the Right Boat
Closing the Sale
Determining Fair Charter Value
Using Escrow Services
Does Mediation Have a Place in International Maritime Disputes?
Ferry Operations for the 21st Century
Introduction to Maritime Financing
Maritime Lending - Applying for a Loan
Good Faith Deposit
Jones Act, The
6 Pax & 12 Pax Vessel Requirements
Jones Act - Small Vessel Waiver Program
Maritime Rights and Remedies
Maritime Terms
Market Evaluation of Commercial Ships
Non-Self-Propelled Vessels
Norwegian Sales Form
Sale, Acquisition and Merger
California Sales & Use Taxes
Tax Man Cometh, The
Vessel Title Insurance
Virgin Island Excluded fromJones Act

Miscellaneous Articles
Declaration of Independence
Things I Learned from My Dog