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You may purchase a variety forms to assist you in certain maritime matters.  However, many of these forms will have substantial tax and accounting consequences.  Consult your attorney or tax advisor before using them.

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Charters and Chartering Forms

How to Charter Your Yacht



Demise/Bareboat Charter Agreement #00111



Maritime Liens Filing and Notice Forms Against a U.S.-Flag Vessel

Notice of Intent to File Lien #00210



Request for Abstract of Title USCG #00022



Notice of Claim of Lien #00220



Notice to Debtor #00230



Notice to Mortgage Holder #00250



Satisfaction & Release of Lien #00260



Mortgages & Other Financing Forms

First Preferred Ship’s Mortgage #00380



Promissory Note



Personal Guaranty



Satisfaction & Release of Mortgage #00260



Vessel Purchase & Sale Forms

Purchase & Sale Check List



Letter of Intent to Purchase #00089



Offer To Purchase #00100



Counteroffer #00110



Buyer’s Worksheet #00150



Corporate Buyer’s Worksheet #00140



Seller’s Work Sheet #00160



International Bill of Sale #00200



The following forms are available from the USCG Website:

US Coast Guard Documentation Forms
-- Bill of Sale CG1340
-- Bill of Sale by Court Order CG1356
-- Request for Abstract of Title
-- Application for Certificate of Title CG1258
-- Declaration of Citizenship
-- Application for Filing Mortgage CG5542
-- Consent for Tranfer of Mortgaged Vessel CG4593
-- Satisfaction & Release of Lien
-- Satisfaction & Release of Mortgage
-- Application Simplified Measurement CG5397