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Our firm works with individuals, corporations, shipping companies and universities in selling and acquiring, transferring and evaluating vessels in all parts of the world.

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Hi! I am the receptionist for this site. If you have any questions about the site, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone: 562-592-9350.  You may do research in our LIBRARY.  And purchase Maritime books in our BOOK STORE and MARITIME FORMS using PayPal, the secure Internet payment system.

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We assist, advise, manage and close commercial ship and boat transactions in the United States and around the world.  We provide a depth of knowledge and experience in completing vessel purchases.  We can organize a team of experts to help in large commercial transaction or mange routine tug and barge sales. We represent Owners, Sellers or Buyers in commercial ship and yacht transactions. 

Consulting & Representation
We routine consult on issues of ownership, registration, finance and mortgage.  We have represented a variety of clients including ship owners, charters, oil and gas industry, treasurer hunters and foreign companies.  Please use our LIBRARY for research and FORMS and BOOKS are available.
If you are a professional in the field I highly recommend Davis’ The Maritime Deskbook, the best quick reference available.

We represent owners who wish to sell their vessel.  This is done on a contingent fee basis through our network of brokers and ship agents around the work.  We sell ships either in the public market or through a more private confidential network for owners who do not wish to disclose that they are actively selling.

Mike Vaughn, an experience Maritime Attorney,  is available for speaking engagements to groups, boards of directors and other organizations worldwide.  Please see his resume, costs and requirements to arrange a SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT.